Helping the fitness industry engage customers

A new democracy is emerging – one of leadership from within and self-worth fuelled by the digital march, increasing transparency and heightened expectations.  To attract and keep customers, the need has shifted far beyond keeping the customer happy to that of providing a productive and engaging experience. An enormous opportunity has been spotted to improve the customer experience – giving them what they need to be loyal and committed as well as luring the discerning new customer into the fold.

Many businesses make the mistake of confusing happy with engaged or indeed missing the opportunity that engaged brings. Happy doesn’t necessarily translate into giving the business what it needs. Engaged customers are good for business - they feel empowered,respected and acknowledged, and importantly, they are likely to be more loyal and play and pay more.  What’s trending now is the move from simple customer satisfaction to the customer experience through engagement… and what an enormous opportunity it presents. This is happening now - in their 2017 Global Human Capital report, Deloitte state that engagement is one of the biggest trends in business for decades.

The fitness industry are using the sportsbehaviour to drive customer engagement.  Customers who know how their mind an body work in sport, apply this in their exercise routine, training and competition.  This leads to improved performance and a more enjoyable experience.  All the better if the staff in the business engage with the customer, helping them respond to the very thing that makes a customer experience unique and fulfilling - the uniqueness of the customer themselves.

Benefits of using sportsbehaviour

Business Benefits

  • higher levels of engagement

  • more memberships

  • more participation in more activities

  • more kit purchase

  • more use of personal trainers

  • better informed staff

  • more positive feedback

  • increased loyalty

  • more word of mouth recommendations

Customer Benefits

  • higher levels of engagement

  • improved results

  • more enjoyment

  • a unique experience

  • empowerment

  • sense of value

  • more understanding

  • more access to expertise

  • a more rewarding experience

Gym Workout

Here's how sportsbehaviour is being used:

  • As part of the welcome offering - to attract new customers and fully engage them during induction. 

  • As a free offering to all members - something special to reward members, engender loyalty and build engagement.

  • As a discounted product - an opportunity that costs your customers less than elsewhere.

  • As a sale product - you retail and generate income, we provide the personalised report, customer receives the product. It's a win:win:win situation.

  • Training staff in the way of sportsbehaviour - so they understand how the mind and body work in sport and make each interaction a unique experience.

  • As a licensed sportsbehaviour business - we train, provide the materials and you deliver sportsbehaviour.

  • Complete team profiles - every member of the team gets a report and Coach gets an overview so they can do what they do best... with insight.


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