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The Champions Logic of Success

From my research into how champions achieve, I’ve boiled it down to this ‘The Champions’ Logic of Success’:

1. Know yourself

2. Define your target

3. Know where you are now

4. Know what you have to do to take you from where you are now… to your target, and then…

5. Do it!

It’s simple, but yet magnificent. If you’re thinking the logic can’t be that simple… you should go out and do it - many champions have. In fact, every success you have had so far will have followed this logic

1. Know yourself – Get yourself a sports profile report. Our reports cover both your body and mind but there are alternatives on the market, find one which suits you.

2. Define your target – what is it that you want to do? It may be to win a particular race, gain a certain position in a company, have enough money to get by or be a millionaire or simply gain the most powerful state of being happy in life. You choose your success.

3. Know where you are now – understanding your current position helps you define the journey you are just about to go on.

4. Know what you have to do to take you from where you are now… to your target – this is the gameplan.

5. Do it! – put your game plan into action.

Ten things you need to know when you follow the champions’ logic of success:

  1. It will result in you taking ownership of your life - one of the most personal and powerful things you can ever do.

  2. It will open up your mind and heart to realise the extraordinary potential inside of you.

  3. It will encourage you to take action now, before you end up having huge regrets and carrying excess and unwanted baggage.

  4. It will bring you focus. This will be even better that Nike! 'Just do it' Nike says. So if you were simply to pop on your pair of Nike shoes and off you go, just keep running, just where would you end up? Who knows! Your game plan will tell you where you are running to.

  5. To be successful, you only have to rely on yourself. Everything you need, to be anything you want, lies waiting and within you.

  6. Define your own success. We've been told what success is throughout our lives; or rather what other people think success is. Success is whatever you want it to be, it’s yours to define. Success can be difficult to define, but define it you should as you need to know where you want to go. You may wish to think about it from the point of view of what would make you totally fulfilled or what sporting achievement are you gunning for.

  7. You need to want to do it. As human beings we will only do something to the best of our ability for one reason and one reason only, and that is if we want to.

  8. Decisions are at the heart of your future. A decision means quite simply to close off all other options and proceed on the one chosen path. And that’s not an easy thing to do, because to move away from where you are at the moment may mean leaving something behind you. However, start to make decisions in which you close off all other options, and your life and your performance will be transformed.

  9. It will be uncomfortable because your excuses have now been removed; because you now have limitless possibilities - too many probably; and because you have been given back to yourself.

  10. You also need to know when you follow the champions’ logic of success that you have value, you can be anything you want and that you are a leader. Leadership is not about leaders and followers anymore, it’s about leadership from within. You are as much a leader as anyone and it’s about living with integrity and values, and about playing our part on this earth. When you choose to be a leader you will have personal identity and liberation.

The biggest mystery of life is to discover who we truly are. For when we discover this, no one can ever take this away from us and the war we have with ourselves will be over. I am always indebted to David Taylor, The Naked Leader, for his inspiration and magic words.

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