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  • Tony Lewis

The power of the belief system

Extract from 'How Champions Achieve':

Most of the truly outstanding leaders and athletes in history have the common trait of a positive, certain, compelling belief system that they are true, exact, trustworthy and the real deal.

“I am the best!”

Muhammad Ali, the best boxer

Who can dispute that he wasn’t the best boxer and, more importantly, who could dispute that he didn't believe it! This is far deeper than positive thinking, and is at the very heart of personal and team achievement. We can apply the very best of belief systems to make this happen.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portugese footballer, rated as one of the greatest football players of all time utilises his belief system. He has achieved unprecedented club success with Manchester United and Real Madrid. At the time of writing he has played 122 times for Portugal and has just been part of the team winning the European Football Championship with Portugal beating France in the final. Listening to a radio interview with him in 2015, shortly after he had been nominated again for Ballon D’or, the award for the best footballer in the world, he stated that he always thinks he is the best footballer in the world. He knows the decision is out of his control (votes are cast by national managers, captains and press), that there are other magnificent footballers in contention (some we will not see the likes of for many years) and that he will inevitably slow down (as age catches up with him). Despite this, he tells himself he is the best… which is part of the reason why he has achieved unprecedented club success, played for his country 122 times and been the winner of the Ballon D’Or 2008, 2013 and 2014.

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