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Attracting new customers

Sportsbehaviour's advice on getting new gym and fitness customers

Make it personal - people buy from people so showcase your staff. It's a sales pitch so put the staff with the right skills up front. Engaged staff bring around 30% more productivity to the business. Businesses (clubs and gyms are no different) where the customers get to know the staff have higher retention and sales rates.

Do something different - stand out from the crowd. We of course would advocate you offer 'The Support Report' (sportsbehaviour's sports science report on how the mind and body work) if they pop in to take a look at your gym or facility. It takes just a few minutes and the customer gets a take away which helps the customer form opinions like 'these guys are serious, they know their onions and are gonna look after me'.

Word of mouth value - every marketing initiative should be assessed against the potential for a word of mouth recommendation from a customer. If people aren't going to talk about it - don't do it.

Engagement offering - get your engagement strategy in place which tells your customers just how you're going to make their time with you beneficial, personal and fun. People are more discerning with their money these days and have more choice.

Understand people types so you can engage with them from the very off. An example - half the population are going to love the up front interaction and discussion as you try to engage with the, the other half usually don't welcome this approach and will want the information and time to analyse it for themselves. If you can apply the basics on how people's mind and body work (this is what we do at sportsbehaviour) then you will have a higher success rate of engagement.

good luck in attracting those customers, with best wishes.

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