Recommendations from people we've worked with or like what we do!

"I really recognised myself and know now the things I need to be aware of preparing for my next Olympics" two time Olympic swimmer

"very helpful in my ongoing development, I've learned a lot about myself" IronMan World Champion

"thank you for the report - I must say both me and my partner are astounded by how accurate it is" Trail Runner

“a fresh and no nonsense approach to achieving, amazing!”

David Taylor, The Naked Leader

“the dynamic worlds of sport and business inhabit a very similar space in the universe, so get ready to be inspired on both fronts.”

Tom Kean, co-founder of Selkie Swim Co. and Henley Swim events, & Director of Thameside Financial Planning

“truly brings to life what great athletes know, and business leaders ought to know about how to create change and winning performance.”

Paul Lees, Founder & Managing Director, CheckoutSmart Ltd


“sports behaviour is the most overlooked part of an athlete's game plan and has had a really positive impact on my squad.”

Kevin Brooks, Head Coach Wycombe District Swimming Club


“Coleman Cox once said – “there is a great deal of luck to being successful however it always seems the harder I work the luckier I become”. This quote applies to sport and business in equal measure. sportsbehaviour provides insight into exploiting your strengths and working hard to overcome your weaknesses. You can improve your luck and become more successful.”

Peter Allen – Business and IT Consultant and founder of LemonIT


“An excellent read - a must read for all business leaders, whatever their field. The right mix of strategic and practical inspiration all the way through. I've read a lot of business books but this one stands out."

Neil Keating, Director Bright Horse Technology Company


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